If You Provide Hospice Care, You Need Liability Insurance

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The end of life can be an extraordinarily emotional and painful time for many people. Those who offer hospice care provide an easier path through a dying person’s final days. Doing so, though, exposes the healthcare professional to special liability. If you provide hospice services, you need to explore specialty insurance coverages. That is, every hospice provider should have liability insurance.

Even though those who work in hospice care deliver a tremendous service to the community, they are not immune from liability lawsuits. Like any healthcare provider, a court can hold a hospice worker legally responsible for mistakes made during hospice treatment. If that happens to you, you can expect to pay a tremendous amount in legal fees and financial settlements. Regardless of how careful you are in performing your job duties, eventually you likely will make a mistake. Having a professional liability policy can insulate you from the extraordinary costs associated with a malpractice suit. Similarly, this insurance can protect your patients, should they suffer harm because of your mistake.

If peace of mind is important to you, as a healthcare provider you should have a comprehensive liability insurance policy. Fortunately, specialty insurance coverages provide protection for any mistake you might make. If you provide hospice care, consider purchasing liability coverage as soon as possible.