Providing Janitorial Service Without Risk

For damages done when your janitorial or maintenance business service is completing a job, you need building maintenance insurance in Orlando.  If an accident occurs, and the buildings you are servicing are damaged in some way during the cleaning by your specialists, your company could be held responsible.  In instances where damages are severe, this can be devastating to your business.  Building maintenance insurance in Orlando can protect your Florida janitorial business from financial ruin in the event of an accident or damage.

Building maintenance insurance Orlando Coverage For Worker’s Compensation

If an employee is injured while providing services for your company, you will likely face a claim for worker’s compensation.  Building maintenance insurance in Orlando can be set up to cover these claims and avoid unnecessary costs to your business.  You protect your employees and your business when you invest in insurance that covers on the job injuries.

Don’t Risk Your Business

Being a successful business owner means being aware of how to protect your company from the risks it will face.  In the building maintenance business, this means investing in a unique type of coverage that protect you from financial pitfalls in the event of an accident involving an employee or damage to a building you are in charge of cleaning.  Make sure your policies are up to date and include the necessary coverage to keep your business protected.