Does Your Restaurant Insurance Cover This?

restaurant insurance in Texas

Insurance is meant to protect you from financial loss when things go awry. If you’re looking for extra restaurant insurance in Texas, make sure your plan provides enough coverage for these events.

Food Contamination

Though you do your best to buy quality supplies, sometimes the source is spoiled. Regardless, you are held responsible for the aftermath when you serve contaminated food at your restaurant.

Pollution Cleanup and Removal

Garbage, exhaust and spills all contribute to environmental pollution and can cause public health concerns. If measures are not taken to ensure that your restaurant follows federal, state and local pollution control regulations, you can be fined and charged.

Utility Services Direct Damage

If lose electricity or gas and can’t cook and serve food to your customers, you lose money every day your business is closed. Insurance can help buffer your cash flow while the utility companies get back up and running.

Errors and Omissions

Sometimes communication breaks down and delivery and catering errors occur. To avoid paying legal claims and fees to unhappy customers, your insurance policy can buffer the cost in situations of negligence, error or misleading advertising.

Call Your Provider

Make sure you’re getting the best restaurant insurance in Texas by calling your provider and checking your plan. It’s best to have extra coverage to protect your business from unforeseen events.