Risk Management Options for Vehicle Fleets

Fleet insurance is the industry standard for companies with a heavy investment in vehicles. It’s not just the transportation industry that is well served with this product, it’s any business with a truck fleet, even a relatively small one that just handles supplies or personnel transport to support your main income stream. Truck fleet risk management is built around your fleet’s purpose and time on the road, with options you can configure around your needs to keep drivers well-supported on the road.

Fleet Insurance for Trucking Fleets

When your business is moving cargo for other companies, fleet insurance is more than just a sound investment. It’s protection for your entire business model. Luckily, there are a lot of tools that come with a fleet policy. Some require a little extra investment to cover the cost they add to the premium, others are just perks you get from working with an insurer who really knows the trucking business.

  • National roadside assistance and towing support
  • Resources to help you minimize risk through policy changes
  • Driver safety training support
  • Per claim and lifetime claim caps to help control costs
  • Driver support for delay-related accommodations

If you are interested in making the investment that not only protects your business but also your drivers, it’s time to talk to a company that specializes in truck fleet risk management. Ask for a quote today.