Special Medical Care Providers Need Special Insurance

specialty insurance lines

If you operate a home health care company, hospice, visiting nurse organization, or other special medical care organization, you probably understand the many unique risks that this industry faces. Fortunately, if you are looking for great business insurance, specialty insurance lines offer protection for the fast-growing home healthcare industry.

Home healthcare is an industry unlike any other. Medical professionals typically go into homes owned by private individuals to offer medical services. For hospice organizations, sympathetic nurses offer palliative care to help patients through the last stages of life. Both endeavors have potential to expose any organization to a tremendous amount of legal liability. Alarmingly, that liability can potentially extend to the company, its owners and directors, and the employees who work there.

Because of the unique services they offer, home healthcare companies and their employees require unique insurance. Fundamentally, every business needs property and basic liability insurance. For more comprehensive coverage, consider a policy with directors’ and officers’ liability, employment practices liability, regulatory audit coverage, and workers’ compensation insurance.

Those that offer home healthcare, hospice, and other special medical care services do a tremendous service. Unfortunately, in doing their job, these individuals expose themselves to considerable liability. If your company operates one of these healthcare services, consider purchasing coverage from specialty insurance lines.