What Contractors Should Know About Builders Risk Policies and Liability Coverage

Builders Risk Policies

Between workplace injuries, damage to important equipment, claims, and potential court fees and more, construction contractors face a number of professional liabilities and risks that could be partly covered through a comprehensive builders risk policy. You may have heard of general liability insurance before, but builders’ risk takes it a step further to offer you protections specific to building and construction that you might not find bundled together elsewhere.

Builder’s Risk Coverage Gets Detailed and Specific to Your Construction Projects

One of the biggest advantages to builder’s risk coverage is that you can get very detailed in your policy about risks concerning your specific types of projects. For instance, you could potentially cover:

  • The scaffolding on projects
  • Your equipment or construction supplies
  • Your buildings

With General Liability, Third Parties Are Typically Covered

Getting a general liability policy will typically mean that damages to third parties are covered, whether in full or in part. Some of these damages include physical injuries or damages to company property, but the coverage may not be as specific as in a builders risk policy.

While general liability can offer any company some basic liability and risk coverage, for the events that can happen in the course of running a building business, you may want a more specific builders risk policy. By getting your risks covered, you can feel comfortable running your company without worrying about potential financial or legal harm.

Protecting Your Agents and Your Agency Through Appropriate Insurance


Owning a real estate agency can create a number of headaches. When one of your agents is negligent in some capacity, for example, it can have an impact on the rest of your business. What your agents do and how they act is a reflection on your company. This means you should definitely factor in your agents when creating an insurance plan. Covering acts of negligence is a great way to stay protected no matter what circumstances arise.

The Risks of Your Agents

Working with a professional negligence real estate agent specialist can provide you with a lot of insight on how to cover all potential risks. Essentially, the insurance broker will let you know about the agent’s duty and what “breaking the standard of care” can do to the reputation of an agency. By taking these points to heart, you can create a plan that helps you rise above and avoid some of the more common pitfalls associated with hiring an agent who doesn’t adhere to your standards. Other potential problems to focus on can include:

  • Zoning claims
  • Cases of alleged fraud
  • Fines resulting from negligence

Stay Protected No Matter What

Though you cannot always guarantee how your representatives will behave, you can do your part to ensure your brand isn’t tarnished by a simple mistake. Review your options with negligence insurance for agents to get a better feel for your options.


Risks Associated With CBD Oil Manufacturing

CBD Oil Manufacturing

CBD use has become more widespread and accepted among society’s mainstream. As result, a growing number of manufacturers have emerged. Research into CBD manufacturer liability shows that these companies face risks in several different areas.

Claims for Failing to Follow State and Local Requirements

One of the most common claims against CBD manufacturers involves failure to follow state requirements. The wide range of rules and regulations between and within states makes it difficult for manufacturers to always be fully compliant.

Medical Malpractice Claims

CBD oil is currently used to treat a wide variety of ailments. Yet, there is little firm evidence showing how it actually works. Science is beginning to uncover this evidence and show when it is and isn’t an effective choice. Doctors who offer CBD oil as a treatment option may be held liable in the case of an injury that results from its use. Additionally, interactions with other drugs may be potentially dangerous if a medication is given without a doctor’s knowledge of patient CBD use.

Claims Resulting from False Advertising

The supplement industry has specific labeling requirements and CBD is not exempt from them. Claims about CBD being a cure or therapy for specific illnesses can create liability unless they have been proven.

An insurance company that works exclusively with cannabis-based businesses can help you navigate the many risks and limit CBD manufacturer liability.