The Right Coverage Brings Peace of Mind

hired non-owned auto

Auto insurance is complex enough when a firm provides company vehicles to its employees. It gets even more intricate when a staffing agency’s employees are driving a client’s vehicle. When this happens, the client company often requires the staffing firm’s hired non-owned auto policy to cover any accidents occurring when the employee drives the client vehicle. A review of your auto policy can verify that your staffing company’s insurance includes this important coverage.

Know What’s Covered

An auto insurance representative that specializes in staffing agencies can help you ensure you possess adequate coverage in the event of an automobile accident. Some of the items your insurance representative can review with you include:

  • Deductible levels
  • Aggregate limits
  • Types of individual policies
  • Rental car coverage

Know What’s Not Covered

It’s important to remember that while hired non-owned auto liability coverage protects your staffing agency against lawsuits from property damage or bodily injury resulting from automobile accidents, it is not collision coverage. As a result, if your employee damages a vehicle in an accident, your firm could still be liable for paying the cost of repairing that vehicle.

Don’t wait until your staffing agency’s employees are in an automobile accident to discover that your hired non-owned auto liability insurance is sub-par. Before your employees get behind the wheel of a client’s vehicle, have a qualified insurance specialist review your insurance package.