How To Keep Your Consulting Clients Happy


Consulting is an exciting field that encompasses a wide variety of expertise. Keeping clients happy is the main way your consulting firm stays in business. The insurance firm Huntersure highlights several things you can do to meet the challenges facing consulting firms head-on.

Keep Accurate Records

Consulting is a broad term. As a result, many clients may not understand exactly the services you offer right away. Keeping accurate accounts of exactly what you are doing for them is essential. Maintain a spreadsheet that chronicles your work:

  • Hours spent working on their behalf
  • Specific tasks you have finished
  • Next tangible outcomes to tackle

Consistent transparency creates a trusting relationship with your clients.

Meet Guidelines and Expectations

Many companies see consulting fees as extra expenses. When the budget is tight, these services are often the first to go. This is particularly likely to happen, however, if the consultants they are working with aren’t delivering on their promises. When you commit to a certain outcome, make sure you achieve it in a timely manner. You can’t control the economy or their bottom line, but you can do excellent work that demonstrates how necessary you are to their success.

Consulting can be as challenging as it is rewarding. Maintaining consistency and accountability throughout the process can help you please and keep clients.

Why Real Estate Agents Need Liability Coverage


You know that you’re a good real estate agent, but no matter how careful you are to do everything right, mistakes do occasionally happen. Even if you don’t make a mistake, an unhappy client could still sue you, costing you quite a bit of money in the legal fees you need to defend yourself in the lawsuit. This is where E&O for real estate agents comes in. It covers your legal fees and potential settlements the other party is given.

What’s Covered

If clients can show that a decision you made during the buying or selling process caused them harm, you may be sued for malpractice. Your E&O policy can cover accusations concerning a variety of legal issues:

Something wrong with the house that was missed on the inspection
Different payment amount than discussed
New damage to the property

Sometimes the lawsuits that clients bring are without merit. Huntersure recommends that you still have a way to pay the fees necessary for your defense.

What’s Not Covered

Most E&O policies have some exclusions. Most exclusions go to intent. If you intentionally misrepresent the property, for example, you are probably going to have to answer for that choice without the backing of your insurance company.
No matter how mindful you are of the buying or selling process, sometimes clients are dissatisfied. A solid E&O policy can come in handy when this happens.

Powerful Insurance Protection for Allied Healthcare Providers


Healthcare is an emotive industry. Allied health providers enhance people’s lives daily and promote healing in many areas, from paramedics to music therapists to anesthesia technicians. In performing their healing work, these healthcare professionals face many liability issues including medical malpractice, claims of property damage, and accidents or injuries. Quality hpso liability insurance covers these specialized healthcare providers and minimizes financial dangers from potential lawsuits.

Reduced Liability for Multiple Risks

Allied healthcare providers face financial threats from working within a number of environments and with vulnerable populations.
Home health visits
Elderly patients
Healthcare for children
The issue of sexual abuse poses serious hazards. Huntersure reports that allied health providers need liability policies that combine professional liability with general liability for a simple, affordable solution to vital medical insurance coverage.

Finding the Best Insurance and Agent

The key to finding the best insurance coverage for your professional medical services begins by finding the right insurance company. Look for insurance agents who are experienced in the allied healthcare industry and who understand the unique risks you face as an allied healthcare provider.
Good companies will be responsive and will issue quotes and policy materials quickly and efficiently. When you have the right general and professional liability coverage in place, you can focus on your patients without worrying about the financial risks of doing what you love.