What Are Managing General Underwriters?

MGU insurance

MGUs are either insurance brokers or agents who are given the authority to act on the part of insurance firms on a number of matters. As the name suggests, they are first and foremost underwriters. These are insurance professionals who calculate the risks inherent to insuring either individuals or assets and then, based on this risk, determine the premiums insurers should charge to issue coverage for these individuals or assets. In addition to acting as underwriters, MGUs may also carry out other tasks as instructed by insurance firms. These include:

  • Binding and issuing insurance coverage
  • Overseeing billing and collecting premiums
  • Handling insurance claims
  • Marketing insurance products
  • Managing risk

While it may seem as though contracting another company to take responsibility for these tasks could increase risk exposure for insurance companies, there are actually many benefits to hiring a reliable MGU.

What Are The Benefits of Using a MGU?

As explained by MGU insurance, one of the primary advantages to hiring a MGU is the expertise they can bring to the table. Their knowledge of specialized markets and geographic regions can minimize risks and lower execution costs. It may be expensive to develop this type of expertise internally. Finally, as part of an expansion strategy, they can offer insurers growth opportunities through access to expanded agent and distribution networks.

MGUs can handle many aspects of the day-to-day activities of an insurance firm. Most importantly, they can help insurers both expand and improve their business. As such, utilizing the services of an MGU can be a profitable decision.

How the Right Insurance Makes Your Ship Repair Business Stronger

Merrimac Marine

A ship repairer’s responsibility as a service provider is nothing if not a hefty one. Ship repairers are trusted by their clients to take good care of the boats and other seagoing vessels in their care, as well as get them back up and running again as soon as possible. That comes alongside a certain amount of liability for anything that goes wrong, so having the right insurance coverage is imperative.

What Are Ship Repairers Liable For?

As detailed by Merrimac Marine, ship repairers are responsible for the safety and integrity of the ships they work on while they’re under their care. In addition to the actual condition of the ships, repairers are also potentially liable for any harm or injury that might come to a third party as a result of work done, up to and including death. Ship repairers have to see to it that their own team members are properly protected as well, and the right insurance policy can help with all of that.

The Right Coverage for Your Business

Ship repairer’s liability should be a concern for anyone in that industry, but it’s important to make sure you trust the right professionals with your coverage. Choose a company that specializes in coverage for marine businesses in particular. They’ll best be able to give you advice, help you decide on a policy, and keep you protected moving forward.

Powerful Insurance Protection for Allied Healthcare Providers


Healthcare is an emotive industry. Allied health providers enhance people’s lives daily and promote healing in many areas, from paramedics to music therapists to anesthesia technicians. In performing their healing work, these healthcare professionals face many liability issues including medical malpractice, claims of property damage, and accidents or injuries. Quality hpso liability insurance covers these specialized healthcare providers and minimizes financial dangers from potential lawsuits.

Reduced Liability for Multiple Risks

Allied healthcare providers face financial threats from working within a number of environments and with vulnerable populations.
Home health visits
Elderly patients
Healthcare for children
The issue of sexual abuse poses serious hazards. Huntersure reports that allied health providers need liability policies that combine professional liability with general liability for a simple, affordable solution to vital medical insurance coverage.

Finding the Best Insurance and Agent

The key to finding the best insurance coverage for your professional medical services begins by finding the right insurance company. Look for insurance agents who are experienced in the allied healthcare industry and who understand the unique risks you face as an allied healthcare provider.
Good companies will be responsive and will issue quotes and policy materials quickly and efficiently. When you have the right general and professional liability coverage in place, you can focus on your patients without worrying about the financial risks of doing what you love.