Why Public Officials Need Appropriate Insurance

Public Officials Insurance

Serving your community as an elected official is an honor. You are responsible for listening to your constituents and doing your part to ensure the rules and engagements of society are headed in a direction that benefits everyone. Naturally, there are many drawbacks that can come along with this territory. In the event of a problem, you want to feel confident that your insurance will help protect you from potential financial and legal repercussions. This begins with a comprehensive insurance plan.

The Basics

Understanding the basics of public official insurance can provide you with insight on its importance. When a suit is brought against you, your insurance is the best line of defense you have. Whether you’re in a situation where you’re being accused of mismanaging money or there have been issues with hiring or firing practices, your insurance helps to provide you with the resources you need to get through the situation with as minimal damage as possible. Other areas where your insurance can come in handy include:

  • Improper granting of licenses and permits
  • Exposures like denials or approvals for zoning
  • Dismissing employees under questionable circumstances

The Big Decisions

In order for you to do your part and make big decisions as a civil servant or public official, you need to make sure you’re going through the steps with your insurance. Review your current policy and see what you need to do to fully cover yourself in the future.

Save With Comprehensive Restaurant Insurance

Comprehensive Restaurant Insurance

The foodservice industry is complicated, and that makes the insurance needs of restaurants complicated as well. Whether you offer full service, mobile food service, carryout, or delivery, you’ve got a complex web of liability coverages, protection needs, and asset insurance policies to manage, if you choose to manage them individually. Restaurant insurance programs offer you the opportunity to consolidate that into a single insurance policy with a single point of review, and that doesn’t just save you a lot of time and energy, it typically saves money on your overall insurance costs as well.

Pursuing a Quote for Restaurant Coverage

To get a comprehensive policy quote, look no further than the companies that make your industry their focus. One size fits all business insurance tends to stick to one-note policies like general liability, but industry specific providers build a business on making sure you have one provider to contact for all of your insurance needs. It takes a brief review of your company’s features, assets, and operational structure to assess the full range of any restaurant’s insurance requirements, but once you get a quote it will be easy to compare comprehensive coverage costs and see how the savings add up. The single point of contact also makes future updates easy. Just call or email your provider and ask for a review that updates your policy to reflect any new locations, equipment, or operational features.

4 Reasons to Choose Self Insured Workers Compensation

Caitlin Morgan Insurance Services

The vast majority of businesses must have worker’s compensation insurance for their employees. However, the business does not have to have a specific policy. There are four reasons a company may decide to choose self-insured workers’ compensation.


Some companies want to manage risk using a proactive approach. These companies tend to want to control more aspects such as insurance claims. Self-insured workers’ compensation policies give that control to businesses rather than an insurance company.


The experts at Caitlin Morgan Insurance Services state that a company must meet the obligation of paying out workers’ compensation claims. Companies who have the financial resources and do not want the insurance carrier to keep what is not spent may benefit from a self-insured policy.


Some companies have good claims experience and do not need an insurance company to take on that task. Using this experience can save the business money on premiums.


Not all insurance companies manage claims the way a business would like. When this happens, a company may decide to change policies to better manage their own claims. A self-insured policy gives the business more involved in the overall process than it otherwise would have.

Self-insured workers’ compensation policies are not for all companies. There are many reasons to choose a more traditional plan. The business must evaluate both and decide for itself.

Extending Your Workers’ Comp Coverage

Workers’ Comp

Even though you may do your best to source the most comprehensive insurance plan for your needs, there is the potential for exclusions and limitations that can interfere with claim processing. When it comes to a business and the provision of a workers’ comp policy, there are certain exceptions to the rule if your business operates in one of the following:

  • North Dakota
  • Ohio
  • Washington
  • Wyoming

In these states, fully protecting your company from an injury lawsuit means acquiring stop gap liability insurance.

Why Is It Necessary?

As the facts on https://www.wwspi.com/ reveal, stop-gap coverage or a stop-gap endorsement can help an employer fill in potential gaps or exclusion areas in a workers’ compensation policy. Employer liability concerns are usually taken care of through the design of the workers’ comp coverage plan, but in the four above mentioned states, this is not the case. The state regulates workers’ comp purchases through the state fund, and not all employer liabilities are covered in the plans.

Why Does It Do?

The supplemental coverage is protection from allegations that the employer did not provide a safe working environment. Employer liability is a separate clause in a typical workers’ comp policy and it keeps an employer from being held liable for injury or illness. However, the state-mandated coverage option does not contain such a clause. Therefore, an employer should consider purchasing the stop gap coverage in order to prevent an employee from holding the company liable should an incident occur.

Your Auto Insurance Should Be as Unique as You Are

auto insurance in sugar land

You can tell a lot about someone by the car they drive. For instance, you can tell whether they’re more likely to be a family person or a swinging single. You know whether they’re outgoing or subdued, low-maintenance or madly in love with the finer things in life. You can intuit a lot of things about how they probably spend their free time as well. It only makes sense that a person’s auto insurance in Sugar Land is just as individualized.
The better your insurance fits your unique lifestyle and needs, the more thoroughly protected you’re ultimately going to be. Good auto insurance in Sugar Land policy should fully cover anyone who’s likely to drive your vehicle at any point in time. It should take into consideration the stats of the vehicle, up to and including its make, model, mileage, and age. The best auto insurance will be fine-tuned according to your personal driving record and experience as well.
Successfully finding the best auto insurance in Sugar Land for your needs starts with a detail-oriented insurance company that’s dedicated to putting together a policy that’s as one-of-a-kind as you are. The sooner you get started, the sooner you can rest easy in the knowledge that you and your vehicle are fully protected no matter what.