Carrying Errors and Omissions Coverage

Professional liability insurance protects certain industry individuals from financial loss that may arise when a claim is issued by their client for neglect or failure to perform contractual duties. There are several types of liabilities that are associated with each industry, such as malpractice insurance for medical staff, but insurance agent E&O coverage deals with the risks for those providing an advisory and loss protection service. As reported on, it is just as important for insurance agents to take off their own risks and exposures whenever providing the same service to clients.
While errors and omissions services all vary, most of them have certain common coverage areas that fill in the gaps for specialty areas. These could include:

Insurance Claims

Bodily Injury/Property Damage

Insolvency Coverage

Independent Contractors

Financial Plan Administration

Do Some Homework

The coverage of your plan might seem comprehensive at the outset, but the true test will be if you ever find yourself in court. Some plans may pay any settlement costs but deny coverage for the defense fees. Other plans may cover feed but not the settlement amounts. Be sure that the E&O coverage contract you sign will provide the financial support for all aspects of a claim.
The risks associated with insurance agency practices don’t go away when you retire or change professions. Carrying errors and omissions is something that you should consider for the long-haul.

Recommended Insurance Coverage for Video Production

video production insurance

Anyone who has worked in the movie industry can probably tell you some amazing war stories. As spectacular as the end product can be some of the unexpected accidents involved in filming can be just as spectacular, but not in a good way. Sylvester Stallone spent nine days in the ICU after being punched in Rocky IV. George Clooney fell from a chair while filming “Syriana” which resulted in a severe head and spinal injury. And during the filming of “The Passion of the Christ” Jim Caviezel was actually struck by lightning. Anything can happen during filming, and this is why you need to have video production insurance.

Types of Video Production Insurance

Some of the most important types of film-related insurance you should carry include:

General Liability

Property Damage

Workers Compensation

Errors and Omissions

Completion Bond

Depending on what kind of video you’re producing you might need additional coverage. If you use any type of vehicle during filming you will definitely want automobile liability and collision insurance. If you’re traveling internationally you will certainly want travelers insurance. Filing abroad opens up a whole world of potential risk and liability. Keep in mind that most underwriters will want to conduct a site visit and read the film script before they offer coverage, so be prepared for that.

Preparing for the Future With Reliable Insurance

miami insurance agency

Emergencies and accidents can happen anywhere, even in Miami. With storm season hitting harder each year and crime being a constant danger, it is a wise decision to create some shield of protection around the people and items you love. A Miami insurance agency can help you do just that. Each agency has a team with the skills and knowledge to build policies that work in your favor. Here are a few policies you should consider before finalizing your contract with an agency.

Flood Insurance

Miami is a marvelous city for residents and businesses. Still, even this paradise can be a hit with a dangerous storm. Flood insurance can help you deal with damage to property at your home like floors, walls and furniture. This coverage can also help businesses repair their electronic systems and foundation.

Boat Insurance

While it is not required by state law, boat insurance is crucial if you want to save your wallet from tough expenses. Rates will depend on your boat’s size, your personal history and your planned boat use. There are different policies that fall under this coverage like property damage and liability insurance so make sure to ask your provider about will work for you.

Marine Insurance

Marine coverage helps large businesses with their property while it is shipped. This insurance can include protection for equipment, theft, infestation and delivery delay. If you are ready to create your personalized coverage, then call your local Miami insurance agency today!