Building Community With Condo Association Insurance

wholesale condo association insurance

When buyers look into purchasing a condominium, one thing stand out more than most: a sense of community. Sharing space, including pools, exercise areas and other amenities brings residents closer, but it also means the condo association is in charge of maintaining and regulating those areas. While your residents’ safety is your utmost concern, there are a plethora of other matters that need your attention, and many areas where the unthinkable can take place. This is where wholesale condo association insurance can provide you with a safety net, allowing you to the freedom to manage day-to-day activities.

Standard maintenance of your common facilities is part of the job, but when disaster strikes you need coverage to support your losses. Commercial umbrella liability insurance will protect the condo association from legal fees and help you bounce back from significant loss. When association members are at risk, Directors and Officers liability insurance can keep individuals insulated in situations where the association as a whole is not found at fault. In addition, Errors and Omissions insurance can cover instances that other policies miss. By keeping your organization safe from liability, you can focus on providing the best service. Wholesale condo association insurance provides that security you need to provide your residents the community they desire.