Three Ideas for Marketing Your Insurance Services

insurance marketing

Insurance agents are successful when they can build and maintain solid relationships with their clients and provide value to their policy holders. However, the right insurance marketing can create new leads and new relationships. Consider these three ideas to market your insurance services.

1. Facebook

With nearly 1.5 billion active monthly users, Facebook is a good place to market. The content you post, however, may not be enough. Facebook’s algorithms may not allow your content to reach your intended audience. You may want to consider, then, trying Facebook Ads as a way to get your information to your target audience.

2. Use Email to Your Advantage

Email can be a helpful tool when it comes to insurance marketing. Clean up your database so that you know you are emailing your target demographic. Use email as a way to stay front and center with past clients. Write engaging email subject lines to increase the chances that recipients will actually open your emails.

3. Make Your Web Presence Mobile-Friendly

Increasingly, people are using phones and tablets, rather than desktop or even laptop computers. This means that your web presence—email, website, social media posts—should be formatted to be mobile friendly. In fact, Google now ranks mobile-optimized sites higher in its search results.

Insurance marketing is an important part of your insurance business. Use these three simple tips to create more effective marketing.