Three Ways To Keep Them Coming Back


Even though the competition is fierce, you want customers to keep coming back to your dry cleaning business, but how do you keep them coming back for more? What are some tips for dry cleaners customer retention? If you look at what data from says, there are so many good ways to hang onto your customers.




Providing quick service is great for clients since they get their items back more quickly, but it’s also a great thing for you because it gives you more opportunities to get other clients through your door and more production going.


A Great Job


By taking the time to do a thorough, great-quality job for your clients, they’re more likely to keep coming back to you for the same amazing service.


Competitive Pricing


Making money is the reason that you went into business for yourself, so be sure to offer pricing that is realistic: It is cheap enough for the client not to flip their freckles, but also high enough that you make a profit for providing the service.

Any business can garner more attention by following these three tips, but retaining customers and having a loyal following is what you want. Offer quality service that is also prompt and cost-effective and your customers will love you for years.