Tips on Improving Insurance Marketing Plans


insurance marketing
insurance marketing

When it comes to insurance marketing, the Internet is full of advice on how to become a better salesman. Generating more leads certainly helps, but having a good insurance lead does not mean an agent is automatically guaranteed to make a sale. But agencies can, and will, better their chances of success by working each and every lead in an efficient manner.


When it comes to working leads, every agent takes his own unique approach. Many agents have been doing this for some time and they pretty much know what works best for them. However, there are a few steps a novice can take to maximize his or her chance of closing the deal.


Don’t delay contacting new leads


Remember that the sooner contact is made with an interested consumer the better chance of actually making a sale. Waiting simple leaves the door open for other agents to make a pitch. Subsequently, the opportunity of making a quick sale goes out the door.


Persistence often pays dividends


Wouldn’t it be nice if agents could close every insurance lead after one phone call? While this may occur from time to time, it is not very common. In many cases, contact will have to be made to a potential customer five times or perhaps even more before making a sale.

Continue to work each and every lead until all avenues have been exhausted.


More and more agents are turning to online services for all their insurance needs. Often agents get so caught up in instant online leads that they overlook the benefits of generating their own leads. While lead generation methods such as organic SEO, direct mail and telemarketing require lots of effort there are advantages to including them in any insurance marketing plan. While Internet leads might be a great resource try to diversify efforts to improve the odds of success.


The importance of setting a budget


An agency that has never purchased insurance leads online in the past may not fully understand just how much opportunity lies ahead. Some companies can keep up with any demand no matter how many leads are purchased on a daily basis. All of this sounds great, but remember to set a budget to ensure that the agency doesn’t blow through their entire marketing budget sooner than expected. The idea is to make a profit, or at the very least, break even. Remember, not every lead purchased is going to be converted into a sale.