Top 3 Safety Tips for Women Rideshare Drivers

In America’s gig economy, many women have turned to earning money through professional driving. This business can be profitable, especially in big cities. However, being alone in a vehicle with a stranger comes with risks. Here are the top three safety tips for women rideshare drivers.

1. Only Accept Five-Star Riders

Some rideshare companies allow drivers to give passengers ratings that are visible on their profiles for other drivers to see. If a man has less than five stars or has a brand new account, then consider passing up his request.

2. Work Bankers’ Hours

Although there may be more business at 3:00 a.m., there is also more potential for dangerous situations to arise. Working 9:00 to 5:00 is the safest option and may also help with your work-home balance.

3. Consider a Gender-Specific Rideshare

While this option may be guilty of reverse sexism, it caters to women who only feel comfortable riding with other women. If you share this sentiment, then research whether such a company exists in your community.

Women deserve to have the same earning opportunities in the modern gig economy as men do. By using some common sense and considering the above tips, they can manage their personal risks and stay safe when choosing to work as rideshare drivers.