Top 3 Summertime Perils That Can Damage Your Home

Summertime Perils

Every summer seems full of so much potential and possibilities. There’s time for relaxation, family vacations, backyard barbeques, hiking, and many other outdoor activities that make the season wonderful. Unfortunately, warm weather also comes with volatile atmospheric conditions. Knowing what to expect can help you prepare beyond just taking out hazard insurance, so here are the top three summertime perils that can damage your home.


Depending on your geographic location, hurricanes can cause considerable damage to your home with high winds that blow shingles off roofs, knock down electrical wires, and topple trees. Before the season begins, work on trimming back overgrown trees and securing any loose shingles to prepare for bad weather strikes.


Lightning is a dangerous force of nature, even if you’re indoors. A lightning strike can fry your electrical system and even start a fire. Figure out your vulnerability to lightning such as your home’s height relative to other structures in the area and consider adding lightning rods to mitigate the risk.


Hot weather mixing with cooler air can create strong storms that produce hail. When that happens, homes, vehicles, and even vegetation are no match for such a force of nature. Making it a habit to park your vehicle in the garage and moving glass tables to areas that have protection from a structure or overhang will reduce the risk in the event one of these storms suddenly pops up.

Knowing how dangerous summer weather can be is crucial to protecting your home.