Two Key Types of Atlanta, Georgia Insurance for Business Owners

One of the most important and preliminary steps to having an insurance plan that properly covers all of your risks and liabilities is knowing what these personal liabilities and risks are. Everyone is different, and so is exposed to different day-to-day risks. An experienced insurance broker will be able to assist you in determining the different kinds of coverage you need, but it is always a good idea to get a sense for the various coverage options yourself, as well. In the case of business owners, the two key types of Atlanta, Georgia insurance to remember are commercial insurance and professional liability insurance.

Commercial insurance is an umbrella category for a number of more specific types of coverage, including business owners policy, commercial general liability and workers compensation. Professional liability is another broad category of coverage, and stands to protect businesses from suits resulting from mistakes or omissions when providing a service to a client. This coverage can be particularly crucial for professionals such as dentists, social workers and attorneys, whose work is centered on providing a service to their clients. When you have an experienced insurance broker, these two types of Atlanta, Georgia insurance can be tailored to meet the specific needs and liabilities of your business; coverage options that you do not need can be excluded from your plan. Ultimately, the important thing is to have all of your business-related liabilities properly covered.