Two Optional Types of Auto Insurance Pennsylvanians Should Consider

Pennsylvania law requires vehicle owners to carry property damage and bodily injury liability, medical benefits, and limited or full tort insurance coverage. After adding these options to their policies for auto insurance in Hazleton, Pennsylvania, many drivers feel like they are adequately protected. However, drivers may be leaving themselves exposed by ignoring the following two types of optional but valuable coverage.


1. Collision Coverage


Collision coverage addresses vehicle damage resulting from a collision, regardless of fault. Accident victims who have this coverage may receive a settlement sooner by making a claim with their own insurance company, rather than with another driver’s insurance company. Collision coverage also covers one-vehicle accidents, such as hitting a tree. This insurance additionally covers damage to a parked vehicle that is hit by another vehicle.


2. Comprehensive Coverage


As the name implies, comprehensive coverage provides wide-ranging protection. This coverage applies to damage that occurs outside of car accidents. Comprehensive coverage protects against:


  • Damage from storms or natural disasters
  • Vandalism, riots, or theft
  • Damage caused by falling objects
  • Damage from collisions with animals


People who regularly park outdoors benefit from this type of coverage, as do people who live in areas where severe weather, crime, or large animal encounters occur frequently.


Investing in Full Protection


Many drivers are tempted to save money on their auto insurance in Hazleton, Pennsylvania by buying the minimal coverage possible. However, this strategy may not pay off in the long run. By spending a little more money up front, drivers will see significant savings in the event of an unusual accident.