Understanding Your General Liability Rating

If you are in the market for business insurance, you may find yourself very confused about the jargon associated with your policy package. Often, insurance lingo, like any other provisional legalese, may be rather heavy, hard to comprehend and murky where it could be transparent. For instance, when you read through your policy, you may have little or limited understanding of how your general liability rating was determined.

Insurers make determinations regarding your rating based on a five-digit class code that acknowledges the type of work on which your professional life focuses. People who complete similar jobs fall under the same code. This code helps insuring institutions to calculate how susceptible your company may be to liability claims. Some businesses are more likely to be held liable than others, and this is often attributable directly to the work performed by them.

With over a thousand general liability rating codes typically consulted by insurance companies, making accurate determinations can be tricky. For the professionals to be insured this can seem problematic, but highly qualified insurance agents and brokers understand the nuances of this system and others. They are more than ready to make careful determinations any time they are given a chance. Obtaining adequate insurance is more than good business sense; it is also the one of the most conscientious decisions a business person might make as it protects one’s reputation as well as business.