Why You Should Choose NetRate Systems Insurance Rating Software

Whether you’re an MGA, program administrator, or insurance carrier, you appreciate anything that makes your job simpler and quicker. Having the right computer software can make all the difference. NetRate Systems has a suite of software products that can assist you in every aspect of your work. Their rating modules cover all fifty states and the District of Columbia. They handle all ISO®(Insurance Services Office)-based business lines. These areas include Commercial Auto, Commercial Property, General Liability, Garage Dealers, Inland Marine, Crime, and Business Owners Policy. The company also provides programs for specific tasks, such as transferring rating data to underwriting systems and issuing policies.

Their software is a quality medium between other products on each end of the insurance-rating spectrum. It is more serviceable than lower-end systems and more cost-effective than toolset systems since limited IT resources are required. The best part is that you can customize, and even brand, the programs to fit your needs and your niche in the marketplace. Also, NetRate trains you and keeps you current through supportive customer service, program updates and developments, and partnerships with ISO® and policy administration systems.

Their affordable, powerful, and accurate software and its unique features make NetRate Systems an appealing choice in insurance rating engines. Add on their knowledgeable, responsive staff, and it is easy to see why you should choose their services over others on the market.