Why Yacht Clubs Need Special Insurance

yacht club insurance

The special hazards involved with activities and structures located near the war require special protections. If you administer a yacht club, your organization is at heightened risk for a variety of reasons. Here are two reasons your club needs special yacht club insurance.

Property Faces Unique Dangers

The docks, clubhouse, and other property that yacht clubs own face particular dangers that other properties don’t. Because they are located near the water, these assets are uniquely susceptible to storms, corrosion, flooding, and other risks. Often that means an ordinary property insurance policy is insufficient to protect the yacht club from potential damage or destruction. A special policy tailored to target the specific risks of the club can give owners tremendous peace of mind.

Water Causes Liability

Falls injure more people annually than any other accident. In the overwhelming majority of these accidents, water is the culprit. Because of their proximity to the sea, yacht club owners must deal with water slip risks more than other business owners. To protect against liability caused by falls, yacht clubs must have insurance that protects employees, members, guests, and service providers. This wide exposure requires yacht clubs to carry special insurance.

Because of their unique location, yacht clubs require yacht club insurance specifically designed to meet their needs. With the right policy, though, any club owner can have peace of mind.